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Beverages 0008
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Beverages Roar Organic Coconut Water Mango Clementine (0.75) Ginger Ale, Passion Fruit w/ Turmeric (0) Lemonade, Classic (Me and the Bees) (0) Lemonade, Prickly Pear (Me and the Bees) (0) Lemonade, Mint (Me and the Bees) (0) Lemonade, Ginger (Me and the Bees) (0) Just Water (-1) ____________________________________ (0) Items BELOW are currently NOT AVAILABLE (0) Mead, CharmCity, Sweet Blossom (must be 21 yrs or older (9) Beer, Allagash White (Belgian Wheat) (3.75) Beer, Pils, German Style Lager) (3.75) Mead, CharmCity, Original Dry (must be 21 yrs or older) (9) Mead, CharmCity, Strawberry Ginger (must be 21 years or older (9)